Dear friends,

I want to thank all who support our children and the various projects we are involved in. This includes our paediatric hospital which is now operational and many little lives will be saved from our neighbouring villages.

We are indeed living in tough times and must continue to trust in God. Like many families, we lost one of our dearest during the pandemic who is deeply missed. We must all continue to have faith in God and all He has called us to do.

Our children don’t stop growing! Their education is a priority and some have graduated from university. I am a very happy mother although sometimes the task overwhelms me a bit. Thankfully they are healthy, body, soul and spirit. We consider ourselves fortunate that with this many children they are hardly ever sick, just a sniffle here and there.

We give glory to God for the generosity of our donors who have such a heart for widows and orphans. If you haven’t yet, please consider sponsoring a child through Kondanani UK or coming on a missions trip to Africa.

Blessings to you from Malawi,

Annie Chikhwaza
Executive Director, Kondanani Children’s Village