You are currently viewing Kondanani UK Summer 2020 Update – Maize for a year!

Kondanani UK Summer 2020 Update – Maize for a year!

Everyone was happy to help when a year’s supply of maize arrived at Kondanani. This crucial component of the children’s diet was purchased through the generous donations of UK supporters. Thank you!!

Now, Annie and Cherie are looking for funds to buy dried soy beans and brown beans, which are good sources of protein.

Food supply in Malawi is increasingly uncertain and expensive as the Covid 19 pandemic impacts the country. A small number of cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed in Malawi, but it will be hard for the health system to identify and test people who are infected. The good news from Kondanani is that everyone is well. Please pray with us for God’s continued blessing on the children, staff and missionaries.

If you wish to donate funds to help Kondanani purchase food and other essentials during this difficult time, please email Jane at Please note, we can now also claim gift aid with your permission. You can use this gift aid form.

More Kondanani UK fundraising projects:

Sponsorship of a child at Kondanani by a monthly donation is an ongoing opportunity to support Kondanani and correspond with one of the children. If this interests you, please email Jane at

If you wish to donate to Kondanani UK in lieu of giving a gift to your friends or family, please contact Jane at We will provide you with a beautiful card from Malawi to send to your loved one.

Also, individual donors continue to raise funds using imaginative and creative methods. A big shout out goes to Elaine in Scotland who raised funds for the recent maize purchase in Malawi as she helped her neighbours access fresh fruit and vegetables at the start of the UK “lockdown”. 

Kondanani UK thanks you for your support of Kondanani Children’s Village.

More information can be found at Kondanani Children’s Village.

We are a registered charity in England and Wales (1113426)

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