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Meet Jane Gebbie of Kondanani UK – the Aussie vet from Scotland with a heart for orphans

The chairperson of Kondanani UK, Jane Gebbie, is a veterinary surgeon from Australia who now lives in Ayrshire. Just like legendary British vet, James Herriot who is famous for his adventures in the Yorkshire countryside, Jane has animal encounters of her own to share including stories of her recent visit to the Kondanani orphanage and farm in Africa. And just like the TV series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ she focuses just as much on human relationships as furry ones.

Jane and her husband Grant are passionate about dachshunds (they have two). They also love children and support several in Malawi which has a million orphans in its population of 12 million people. Both have a huge heart for the children of Kondanani’ Children’s Village, which is what has led Jane to oversee Kondanani UK in Scotland for the past five years.

Of course, ask a vet about her recent trip and she starts telling you about the children’s pets! “It was fantastic to rekindle relationships and see everybody again. It’s amazing to see how much the kids have grown in three years, however, the dogs were pretty much the same which was great for me being a dog lover. The two old black dogs, Robson and Jerome are still around as well as Koala, the Golden Retriever and Dash.”

In addition to supporting the children of Kondanani in various ways, Jane was able to care for their pets neutering several cats. As a registered vet, she was able to approach the local SPCA and use their facility in Blantyre to desex the cats. Mission Rabies works out of the same place and Jane was able to vaccinate some of the Kondanani dogs. (see the photos below with Jane Gebbie and Catherine at the SPCA in Blantyre).

The children at Kondanani love the cattle and pigs on the farm as well as their pets, which give them a sense of caring for others. One of the girls Catherine was particularly inspired by Jane’s love for animals and also wants to become a vet. She accompanied Jane to the SPCA, watched the surgical procedures and felt this is exactly what she wants to do in her future.

Catherine has applied to the Vet School in Lilongwe and Jane hopes she will get in. Visiting the SPCA with Jane was intriguing for Catherine especially since she met two veterinary undergraduates there who also challenged her to follow her dream.

The children of Kondanani have all kinds of dreams. You may not be a vet, but you may have a vocation you can use to inspire the children. Consider a mission to Malawi with Kondanani UK and how you could impact a child’s life.

Visiting the orphanage and Children’s hospital isn’t a holiday but it could be a great adventure. And it’s not all work. Jane was also able to visit the Game Haven Lodge close to Kondanani Children’s Village where she saw buck and made friends with a rather tame giraffe.

More about Jane Gebbie

Jane is originally from Melbourne and is a graduate of the University of Melbourne. She spent many years working for the University of Edinburgh and continues to practice as a vet inspecting animal products for EU compliance. And of course, she is a very active member of the Kondanani UK team. She is also part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

More about Kondanani UK

Kondanani UK supports the mission of Kondanani Children’s Village in Malawi. Join us in bringing hope and healing to this African Nation. Together we can provide homes for orphans, a school for the village and a Paediatric Hospital for the community. Consider sponsoring a child, contribute to our next container or join us on a missions trip. Contact Jane at

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