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Thanks to all who helped send a container to Malawi

Kondanani UK recently sent out a container to Malawi full of much-needed medical supplies for the new Children’s hospital and provisions for the Children’s village. We appreciate all the wonderful people who supported this project.

Penny and Andy Curwell were the receiving point for donations from all over the UK and Jane and Grant Gebbie arranged much resourcing from Scotland including medical and dental supplies and bicycles for the children. There was even an adult one especially for Annie. It’s been a dream of hers for some time to ride around the Children’s village on a bike and now she can!

Watch the container arrive!

The medical equipment will help resource the new Kondanani Children’s hospital which will care for some 60 children aged one to five. The children always get so excited when a container arrives, everybody gathers to help unpack it in a human chain! Not only are they blessed out of their socks by the contents, but the container we sent has been placed alongside a previous one to be used as a vital storage facility.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this possible… Thank you, thank you! 😀👍🏼